Youth Apologetics Symposium FAQ’s

1.    What is apologetics?  The term Apologetics comes from the Greek word, apologia (απολογία), meaning: a speaking in defense of a teaching, or; a presentation or defense for what one believes.  Thus, Catholic Apologetics is the science of explaining the Catholic Faith in a rational and reasonable manner with love and patience.

2.    What topics related to human sexuality will be discussed?  St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body, marriage, homosexuality, transgenderism, and pornography.  For agenda speakers/topics click here. 

3.    Who are symposium speakers? Please see our speaker biographies here. 

4.    Who is invited to attend?  The symposium is primarily geared toward middle-school (as parents deem readiness and maturity), high-school age, and college age youth.  However, the presentations and discussion will be interesting and topical for young adults as well. 

5.    Can parents attend?  Many parents have expressed their interest in attending the Symposium with their youth so they can hear what their children are hearing and we, therefore, welcome you to do that. We will still have a satellite parent/adult symposium where some of the speakers will address the Symposium issues from a parent’s perspective; however, you will have the option to attend or remain with your youth in the symposium.  Please purchase the parent symposium ticket, which will allow for entrance to both the Youth Symposium and the Parent Symposium. Parent symposium agenda can be found here.   We hope to videotape the Youth Symposium, as our speakers permit, and make that video available for purchase after the Symposium.

6.    How much is it to attend?  $10/youth or $30/for 4 or more youth in the same family.  Adult/Parent Tickets are $10.

7.    What does the cost of attendance include? Admittance to the symposium, lunch, and light morning and afternoon snacks.

8.    Do you have to be Catholic or Christian to attend? Absolutely not.  This symposium is meant to be an opportunity for youth of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures to learn more about Christ’s teaching on the various aspects of human sexuality and seek answers to questions about these issues.

9. Will this event be recorded? *We will videotape all talks for which we receive permission from speakers to record and make them available after the Symposium.

10. Can I Volunteer? Yes we are always in need of volunteers, chaperones, equipment, and unique skills. Interested in volunteering, Contact us here.

 Do you have additional questions???  Contact us here. We will post additional FAQ’s as we receive them.